Free Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages Printable

Raya the last dragon

Are you a fan of animated movies about adventures and mystical creatures? In case your reply is sure and you’ve got totally loved the “The best way to Prepare Your Dragon” films collection, then you’re positively going to fall in love with the film now we have chosen for as we speak an assortment of coloring pages. We’re speaking about Disney’s newest animated motion movie, “Raya and the Final Dragon”.

Launched within the first week of March 2021, Raya and the Final Dragon follows the journey of a warrior princess looking for the final surviving dragon with the intention to restore peace within the land of Kumandra. On the backdrop is the facility battle between completely different tribes:  Fang, Coronary heartBackbone, Talon, and Tail in addition to the evil spirits often called the Druun rampaging the once-thriving land.

At the same time as film theaters stay closed in varied components of the world as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the movie has proved profitable by managing to gross $26 million worldwide via its theatrical launch and on the streaming platform, Disney+. Each movie critics and viewers have showered their love for this action-adventure movie.

Let’s get to know extra concerning the attention-grabbing characters of Kumandra land via this intriguing assortment of Raya coloring pages to print.

10 Free Raya and the Last Dragon Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Namaari and Virana, Warrior Princess and Chieftess of Fang Land:

Namaari and Virana from Raya and the last dragon coloring page

One of many tribes of Kumandra is the Fang Land and its princess, Namaari is illustrated right here speaking to her mom, Virana, the chieftess. Since they take into account Raya, who belongs to the Coronary heart Land, their enemy, they have to be plotting a technique to defeat her as she embarks on a journey to seek out the final dragon.

  1. Pan from Raya and the Last Dragon:

Pan from Raya and the Last Dragon

A cross between a monkey and a catfish, Ongis are creatures belonging to the Talon Land of Kumandra. Right here we’ve Pan, one of many three Ongis Raya meets on her adventurous seek for the final dragon. Print this Raya and the final dragon coloring web page and add some curious colors to this unusual creature.

  1. Raya and the Last Dragon:

Raya and the last dragon coloring pages

A mesmerizing illustration of the movie awaits your coloring expertise on this coloring web pageYou may see the lead character, Raya, in addition to the final dragon, Sisu together with different characters. Boasting of Asian American voice solid, the movie’s fictitious land Kumandra is impressed by a number of Southeast Asian cultures. You’ll want to hold that in your thoughts as you coloration this poster.

  1. Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon:

Raya and the Last Dragon logo and poster coloring page

The 59th film from the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Raya and the Last Dragon, has already won over viewers around the world and also received critical acclaim for its story, animation, and acting. The film is streaming online on Disney+ Premier Access if you haven’t seen it yet. In the meantime, bring this title art of the film to life with your gorgeous coloring skills.

  1. Raya and Tuk Tuk, Best Friends and Companion:

Raya and Tuk Tuk coloring page

Life seems more fun and enjoyable when you have your best friends to share the experiences. While we have several people we know, only a few become our closest friends. For Raya, her life’s experiences and adventures turn worthwhile with Tuk Tuk, her best friend. As you can see, Tuk Tuk is an animal, a combination of an armadillo and a pill bug.

  1. Raya Deeply Concentrating on Her Training:

Raya coloring pages

Fierce, strong, and courageous, Raya has been training since childhood to become a Guardian of the Dragon Gem so that she is able to bring peace back to the land of Kumandra. You can see her deep in focus on this coloring page as she practices her fighting skills. Be bold with your coloring skills as you print and color this action-packed illustration.

  1. Sisu, the Last Water Dragon:

Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon coloring page

This is the dragon, the last of her kind, that Raya sets out to find in order to save the land of Kumandra. Named Sisu, she is a water dragon and is quite young which makes her act goofy and playful. Because she is the only dragon in existence, Sisu holds an important key to bring about peace in Kumara. Print this coloring page and accentuate every part of this majestic dragon illustration.

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  1. Team Ongi from Raya and the Last Dragon:

Team Ongi from Raya and the Last Dragon coloring pages

You have already met Pan, one of the Ongis or monkey-like creatures. Here on this coloring page you also have the other two of the trio, Dyan and Uka. You can see from this illustration how they resemble a monkey while also bearing the traits of a catfish. Add some fun colors to these creatures hailing from the Talon Land.

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  1. The Ongis and Little Noi, a Formidable and an Unlikely Team:

The Ongis and Little Noi coloring page

The trio of the Ongis is seen here with an infant girl on this coloring page. This is Little Noi, who was adopted and raised by the Ongis when the evil spirits or the Druun killed her mother. While she may look innocent, beware of her as she is an expert con artist. Bring out the funny tone of this playful illustration of the quartet with your coloring skills.

  1. Tong, Warrior Giant from Raya and The Last Dragon:

Tonga from Raya and The Last Dragon

You’ve already met characters from the Fang Land, Talon Land, and the Coronary heart Land. Right here now we have a large warrior belonging to the Backbone Land of Kumandra. As evident from this illustration, Tong is large and a talented warrior. Doesn’t he look scary and formidable? Print this coloring web page and thoroughly shade this warrior large.

On that big be awarenow we have come to the conclusion of this fantastical and adventurous assortment of coloring sheets impressed by Disney’s newest animated characteristic movie, Raya and the Final Dragon. We hope you loved attending to know these characters and coloring them to life. Raya and the Final Dragon just isn’t solely one of many uncommon Asian-themed animated movies from Disney, it’s also the primary time {that a} Filipino-language track is a part of a Disney movie’s soundtrack. Titled “Gabay”, which means information in English, is sung by well-known Filipina singer KZ Tandingan.

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